Bollywood’s intense actor Irrfan Khan has come up with an outstanding performance in his recent fick ‘Qissa’. Irrfan is seen speaking Punjabi fluently in the movie. the much talked about fluency of Irrfan in the Punjabi language is all thanks to a theatre director Manchpreet Singh from Amritsar.


Manchpreet Singh runs Rangkarmi Kala Manch. He was language coach on Quissa, directed by Geneva-based director Anup Singh’s film. When Manchpreet came on board, the actors were a confident bunch as they had already been trained in Punjabi. To get Majha’s dialect right, Manchpreet was brought in and the actors felt like beginners. Irrfan admits that Punjabi turned out to be much more difficult than he had imagined.But now he fallen in love with the language all thanks to Manchpreet.”Thankfully, Manchpreet was around on the sets to train and help us get the tone and feel right.”

Manchpreet too was all praise for Irrfan. He said,”As Irrfan realized that his training in Punjabi had not been of much help, he put in all the effort. In a day, he would spend around 18 of the 24 hours with me getting the dialogues right. He would record the way I would say a dialogue and the way he would say them and compare them later. He learnt it really fast.”

Well the actors learnt fluent Punjabi all thanks to Manchpreet Singh.

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