Is ‘leaked’ media exclusive to female artists?

How many of us have read about the alleged ‘leaked’ tape of Radhika Apte, from her recent film ‘Parched’? Almost all of us. In fact, many sleazy souls might have already labelled it as a soft p*rn content. This news might be a first for Radhika Apte, but definitely not a first for female artists, in Entertainment industries across the world. Be it the skin show of any kind, mild and moderate, or downright exposing, it is always the actress who bears the brunt of it. If you don’t believe it, then think. Did you know that the man in the video with Radhika Apte was Adil Hussain? Well, we think not. Because ‘leaked n*de pictures’ is a category exclusively reserved for the actresses.

Do you remember the infamous Deepika Padukone controversy, where a leading newspaper had flashed her cleavage across its pages? The actress had a good sense to come up with a reply that got people thinking, as to why are women objectified every single time? Forget this case, do you remember the time when Shweta Prasad was allegedly caught in a prostitution ring? Though the news was later proved to be false, but that got us thinking, no one once batted a lid about the men who must have been involved. After all, physical intimacy is not an act that can be performed Alone, right? It takes two to tango, but yes, people just notice the woman in the ‘leaked’ pictures, videos, or any media, and salivate over the unintentional exposure, be it an innocent bra strap that sneaked out, or a love making scene gone viral before the release of the movie.

We do not support objectification of any gender, but yes, we do raise an eyebrow when we see a specific pointing out of the females in these kind of ‘leaked’ media. For god’s sake, it is just a bare back! Even Adil Hussain has it, then why target just Radhika Apte? Just because you feel the name and body of a woman will the sell the n*de factor like hot cake? Not a very great mentality to boast of, is it?

Deepika, Shweta, or Radhika, we really admire the courage of these artists, and how they remain cool and calm even when such storms hit them. We would just like to tell them that nothing can hit their dignity and lower them in the eyes of anyone. And well, this is a point to ponder over, as to why, the name of the male in such ‘leaked’ media is never used to make the news popular.

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