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Deepika Singh, famous for her role as IPS officer Sandhya Rathi in Diya Aur Baati Hum, has finally made her television comeback after almost five years with Mangal Lakshmi. During her hiatus, she focused on learning Odissi dance and staying relevant on social media. However, there was a time the actress was trolled for her weight gain and dancing videos. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Deepika opened up about dealing with criticism.

Deepika Singh on getting trolled for dance videos and weight gain

When we asked Deepika about how she deals with criticism coming her way, she said, “I am not at all affected by trolls as I am an actor. I somewhere understand that every person is going through some or the other trauma in their life. For eg, they might be going through a breakup and is seeing his girlfriend in me and he is venting his frustrations. What if his parents want him to become like me but h is not able to. I really don’t know what age group they belong to and what trauma they are suffering. So if my page gives them a platform to throw their stress on me and feel relaxed, so I feel it’s a nice thing.  I am creating good karma.”

Deepika on her weight gain

She further adds how she believes in embracing her imperfections and why she was cautious about her weight gain. Deepika says, “I know I am imperfect and I am not doing the right things sometimes. But I will learn and unlearn certain things to grow as a person. Accept me or no but I am showing you who I am. Agar weight gain hua hai toh definitely I am cautious but I am also sure I will lose it one day (I am cautious about my weight gain but I also have faith of losing it someday). But in the end what I feel matters is one should focus on taking care of their parents and kids. If you are busy there, at that time you can’t workout since u have to fulfill commitments towards certain relationships. So it happens and I don’t mind.”

During the interview, the actress also spoke about her failed Bollywood debut and breaking out of Diya Aur Baati Hum’s character. Watch the full interview here:

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