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While the OTT space has the virtue of providing a variety of content, it is literally an entertainment junkie’s paradise. Being in this content-rich zone, standing out with a show or a film is a big challenge for any showrunner and director, but when they are on the same page to tell a story, then it is something to watch out for. Barun Sobti starrer Kohrra which will premiere on Netflix India is one such show.

About Kohrra

Recently, the showrunner of the Netflix show Kohrra Sudip Sharma and its director Randeep Jha spoke about their journey with the Barun Sobti satrrer. Kohrra is not just any run-off-the-mill story, its a thriller weaved heavily on emotions. Highlighting the grey areas in relationships, it’s a story that will leave you intrigued in a way. The show also stars Harleen Sethi in an important role.

On working with Barun Sobti, Sudip shared

Randeep has worked with Barun, I hadn’t seen much of his work. It was such a joy to work with Barun. Normally, I don’t hang out with actors, but Barun and I got along really well.”

Randeep on bringing a thriller in a different way

You should be as honest as you can with the material, with Kohrra the approach was very different, what was written was very different. It was all about being honest with the writing. As a director you always try to remove different purposes from different scenes.”

Sudip on being a showrunner in India

In a show typically a director comes in late, a showrunner carries the torch right from the beginning till the end. As a showrunner you are intrinsically collecting the material, then passing on the baton to the director. You also have producer responsibilities. The director is the boss on the set, but a showrunner is like the bouncing board, the vision provider.”

About being on the same page, Randeep shared

It is very important to be on the same page, firstly, your sensibilities need to match. Having a sync is very important.”

Kohrra releases on 14th July on Netflix India and brings forth the complexities of relationships that have probably never been witnessed before. Sharing the same, Sudip also added, “One way to do it is never to write something to please an audience. I don’t think when I write it is necessarily to please an audience. With Kohrra we really tried to keep that balance between thriller and relationships.”

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