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Actor Aaliyah Qureishi who was in Shah Rukh Khan starrer Jawan spoke about women empowerment shown in the movie. The one thing that the masses loved was how director Atlee showed women power in Jawan. From Nayanthara’s character to Deepika Padukone’s performance, fans have loved the strong presence of women in Jawan. Speaking about the same, Aaliyah Qureishi said that Shah Rukh Khan starrer Jawan is very different from other movies. She said how they have shown both the feminine and masculine sides of a woman in the movie.

Aaliyah Qureishi on women empowerment

When asked how important it becomes to be a part of the story that empowers women, she exclusively told to Bollywood Bybble, “It is very important to me. I’m someone who believes in this so much. If you ask me what is the positive impact on the world, what’s the one thing you think strongly about? There are many things but one of the top points is women empowerment. Sometimes, I feel like so many women’s stories are not being told. There are so many ways where women are yet to step into their power. Don’t want to say to get empowered because every man and woman have power in themselves but women have not accessed it.

“They have not been taught how to access it and I was hoping that the women in the country see it and see these badass women. What I love about the women in Jawan is that they are not only strong but they are also soft. When you show a strong woman, you show them as a man. Basically, the idea of a man is done by a woman. They can fight like a traditional hero or traditionally how men have fought but they also sing love songs and they cry, they love each other and they are compassionate. So, all these soft amazing qualities that women have and I think everyone should have them, not just women. There was both feminine and masculine side and that’s what I love about the women in Jawan. We are both soft and strong,” she said.

Directed by Atlee, Jawan box office collection is phenomenal. The movie has crossed the 1000 crore mark in worldwide markets. It minted a total of Rs 1004.92 crore in 19 days.

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