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Rani Mukerji is garnering praise for her recent release Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway. The movie is based on a true story and is all about a mother’s fight for her children’s custody against a country. In real life to Rani Mukerji who is married to Aditya Chopra is a doting mother to daughter Adira Chopra.

Rani Mukerji on balancing work and raising Adira

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Rani Mukerji opened up on balancing her work and raising her daughter Adira Chopra.

She said, ” I’ve always been a very simple person at heart I’ve tried to be very simple though I am in this industry which is all about showing more than there is I’ve tried to you know try to
keep a balance between my work life and my personal life and I’m hoping that I’m able to stick by my belief and my convictions till the years to come because um because it’s very important to know the reality where you stand especially in this business so before somebody else shows you the mirror you should be aware of that you know so I would prefer uh you know not going mirror on the wall who’s the prettiest one of them all and expect the mirror to say that it’s me so I need to know what the reality is and go with that reality and be able to push boundaries with the reality that I’m living in.

She added, “okay you know so that is very important I always pray that I don’t get into a delusional Zone ever so it’s very important for me to know what the pulse of the audience is what the audience wants to see and always have a question mark As to are they ready to watch that’s why I don’t uh sign a film till my release because I’m sceptical and I want to know that are people coming to see me or are they interested yet you know I can attest to it they are interesting yeah so I hope if that continues I’ll continue doing films.

Rani added, “because as I always say with time priorities change in every person’s life and to be able to give hundred per cent to your profession I must give 100 to my personal life as
well because there is no amount of success or Laurels that I’ll get in my professional life if I don’t know what my daughter is all about yeah you know I can’t miss out on that either like tomorrow if she grows up and I don know her because I’m so crazily just you know running after my profession that will be of no use yeah so I need to be able to balance my life uh personally as well as professionally so that my fans are not disappointed and my daughter is not disappointed

Rani Mukerji interview

Rani Mukerji further said that she wishes to be a friend to her daughter, “In my growing up Years also I think my father was mostly busy with his work uh mum was also kind of you know trying to make ends meet and she was also trying to work so I have grown up in a house where I’ve seen my mom being a housewife also and being a working person as well so I’ve seen the uh like the balance but I think with each generation like I can’t raise my daughter the way my mom raised me because with Adira again now I’m married to a man who’s not my father right so my mom and dad raised me so they had a very different kind of parenting

But now I’m married to ADI and he’s coming from his set of values so also the way I’ll bring up my daughter will be something that what today’s parents need to do with the children so it always changes like we can’t pressurize our children to grow up the way we have grown up and that will never work truly you know so it’s always better to make friends with your children and make your children grow up like your friends because only then there’s a chance that they’ll want to hang out with you once they grow up that’s what I can only hope for you know how we hope for the audiences to come to the theatres this is also another hope of mine yeah that my daughter will like to hang with me when she grows up,” she added

Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway was released on 17th March, 2023. Rani Mukerji starrer Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway has collected over 17 crore at the box office till now.

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