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Fireflies Parth Aur Jugnu is a new-age drama that has the potential to mesmerise the kids of today’s generation. Not just because of its visuals but also for its captivating story. It makes one relive bachpan ki kahaniya. However, what makes Fireflies so different and unique? Take a look at the 5 reasons that make it a perfect show for kids and it is totally binge-worthy.

1. Dearth of clean content for children on OTT:

OTT platforms have grown since the pandemic and people have been treated with some incredible content. However, we do see a scarcity of children-friendly content on OTT which can be a little disheartening for parents as well as kids. Much to everyone’s delight, Zee 5 has introduced Fireflies recently and it has left the kids overjoyed. Considering that fantasy films and series have always struck a chord with them, Fireflies is no exception.

2. Children/ family-friendly content:

Who doesn’t like a little magic? No one, right? Not just kids, even adults enjoy fantasy and fiction and guess that’s why Fireflies has managed to impress everyone. Watching a show or movie with the entire family would always be a memorable moment. Well, Fireflies is a binge-worthy series that needs to be consumed by a larger audience. It is not only visually stunning but has a deeper meaning which is engrossing. It’s quite understandable why all parents would recommend this show to others.

3. A magical treat for kids:

Kids are quite fond of fantasy films and series and you can imagine how Fireflies has left an impact on the kids. On the other hand, we have rarely seen shows and series that take us to a magical world. Remember shows like Hatim, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, etc., they have turned out to be successful for a reason. Guess, we can see all the right reasons why Fireflies is a hit among the kids.

4. Stunning visuals:

Usually, larger-than-life characters and visuals are eye-pleasing for everyone. Given the fact Fireflies Parth Aur Jugnu are heavy on VFX, it has become one of the driving forces to watch the show. The Zee 5 series teleports to a different world, a world of magic which is quite enticing.

5. An amalgamation of mythology and magic:

Many kids of this generation are completely unaware of certain mythological stories. Be it Ramayana or Mahabharata, kids have less or no knowledge about the memorable events. Hence, Fireflies Parth Aur Jugnu plays an important role in educating those kids on the same. It perfectly blends mythology and magic together which makes it engaging. Plus, when certain things are being explained in today’s language or visuals, it is easy to grasp them. No wonder why kids are loving the show already.

Tell us what made you like Fireflies Parth Aur Jugnu show.

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