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Anupamaa star Rupali Ganguly And Ashwin K Verma Love Story: How they met, marriage, their son and more

Rupali Ganguly is currently ruling the roost of the TV world with her role as Anupamaa. Did you know she is the daughter of famous director Anil Ganguly? Yes, she started her acting career as a child and rose to prominence as Dr. Simran Chopra in the medical drama series Sanjivani. She received more fame when she played Monisha Sarabhai in the cult sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.

And now, after seven-year hiatus, Ganguly returned to acting and became a household name. Almost every house in India watches the show and right now, rooting for Anupamaa and Anuj’s Jodi. You may be knowing about her reel love stories, but do you know about her real love story with Ashwin Verma? If you want to, then read on!

Jab They Met
Ganguly is super lucky as she got married to her best friend Ashwin. Years ago, Ashwin had met Ganguly during an ad shoot. Later, they became friends, and ultimately they fell for each other.

In one of the interviews with The Times of India, Rupali said, “We were just friends for 12 years. We first met when I had modeled for one of his commercials. Then we became friends and started working together. He was my confidant, friend, philosopher, guide. He was the one who encouraged me to join television. Love shuv kab hua pata hi nahi chala. I just know he loves me a lot.”

He was the VP of an international insurance company, and he used to stay in the USA. But, as soon as they started considering marriage and other plans, he left his US job to be with Rupali. They now own an ad agency together and have been making commercials for the last 12 years. Their ads were nominated for the Emmy’s nine times.

A hasty but fun wedding ceremony
As per reports, Ashwin’s sister and brother-in-law had come to India from Chicago and asked them casually why they are not getting married. They had their return ticket on February 8, 2013. So, they decided to get married before they leave for the USA. They got very little time and that left her mother very stressed.

“She was obviously paranoid about how she’d invite people at such short notice. But thankfully, we didn’t waste paper in invitations It was very private. I did not want to turn it into a circus, with due respect to the media. Thinking of it now, I didn’t do a thing for my wedding. I was sleepwalking through it at all.”

They finally tied the knot!
On February 6, 2013, Ashwin and Rupali finally tied the knot as per Bengali rituals in a private ceremony just like she wanted with her close friends and families.

She didn’t get time to sew a blouse for her wedding couture and had to pair her wedding saree with an old blouse. This is not all, Ashwin had reached ‘mandap’ very late. In one of her interviews, she had even mentioned that everyone thought he had run away. And on the wedding, Ashwin sported pants and a shirt.

She said, “I was howling and throwing tantrums since I didn’t have a sari to wear on my wedding. Ashwin was his calm self. He said, ‘Why don’t you wear your jeans and come?’ Then I took out one of the new saris that I had bought last October for my court wedding, which did not happen as I did not have time. It was a simple sari. Then on my actual wedding morning, I sent it to my designer to glam it up a bit. I paired it with an old blouse and petticoat that I had worn on my brother’s wedding. Last moment it tore near the arms because I had gained weight and then again there was chaos. I went shopping in the morning as I had no shoes either. At 2 pm I realized that there was no one to do the makeup. I convinced a makeup artist who was drinking with friends to come and do my makeup.”

They welcomed their  son Rudransh in 2015
In 2015, Rupali and Ashwin welcomed their son Rudransh. After his birth, Rupali had gained a lot of weight and people were bodyshaming her. However, her hubby stood by her. In an interview with Pinkvilla she said,” Seven years back after I gave birth, I gained weight. My body changed and I couldn’t look at myself. I would not step out of the house afraid of what people would say. If I couldn’t look at myself, why would people want to look at me? When I told my husband about it, he was the one who pushed me to take up the offer. He said, ‘Go, live your dream.’ Such roles come in a lifetime and you must definitely take it up.”

He took a break for her to do Anupamaa
In an interview, she revealed how Ashwin pushed her for the series. She said, “You should take it up and make us proud’. He took a break from his work so that I could get back to acting. In short, he gave me the wings to fly.”

In another interview, she said, “When I was offered the show, my husband really pushed me and said, ‘I will take care of our child and the house, you go ahead because this show will give you the chance to prove your worth as an actress.”

She added saying that staying away from her Baby for so long (12-13 hours for shoot) was only possible as she knew that her home are in good hands. “I think by taking the whole responsibility, he made me fall in love with him again.”

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