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Dev Anand is one of the legendary film actors in the cinematic industry. Dev Anand would have turned 100 today, on 26 September, 2023, marking his birth anniversary. The legendary star has delivered many cinematic masterpieces. His movies, music, and mannerisms are totally remarkable and will stay with us forever. On the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary, check out rare facts about Dev Anand.

5 lesser-known facts about Dev Anand

Dev Anand was asked not to wear black suits

Dev Anand delivered a hit film with Kala Paani. After this, Dev was asked not to wear a black suit. Apparently, women would swoon over him for wearing black suits and would jump off the building seeing him in a black suit. Needless to say, Dev Anand was a sensation and had everybody swooning over him!

Dev Anand worked as a clerk before venturing into movies

Before stepping foot into the film industry, Dev Anand worked as a clerk in an accountancy firm. Not just this, he worked as a clerk with a salary of Rs. 85. Post that, he ventured into films and delivered hits with films like Jewel Thief, Hum Dono, Munimji, and many more.

When Dev Anand bought his first car

Hillman Minx was the first car Dev Anand had purchased from the money he had earned by starring in the 1948 film Vidya. In the film, he worked alongside Suraiya, the woman he loved.

The first leading man in Ziddi

Legendary actor Dev Anand played his first leading role in Ziddi. He starred opposite Kamini Kaushal in the film. He was introduced as a hero by Ashok Kumar who was already a big star.

Dev Anand was mistaken to be a taxi driver

It was during the shooting of one of his famous movies ‘Taxi Driver’, he was mistaken to be one. It so happened that during the shoot, a foreigner got into the cab and asked him to drop him at the red light area. The foreigner was left surprised when Dev Anand revealed his identity.

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