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‘Mardaani 2’ Movie Review: This Rani Mukerji starrer is an eye-opening and gut-wrenching film

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Directed By
Gopi Puthran

Produced By
Aditya Chopra, Yash Raj Films.

Rani Mukerji, Vishal Jethwa, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Shruti Bapna, Rajesh Sharma, Deepika Amin, Vishal Sudarshanwar

Bollywood Bubble Rating:

What’s It About:

This action-thriller is about SP Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji) who is handed the case of an egoistic psycho rapist and murderer Sunny (Vishal Jethwa) in Rajasthan’s Kota city. Things begin to get difficult when Sunny is on a killing spree and Shivani cannot get hold of him despite him being under her nose. How Shivani pins this serial killer down forms the rest of the film’s plot.

What’s Hot:

Almost everything about this movie is applaud worthy. Gopi Puthran’s direction is spot on. Rani Mukerji has done a really great job as Shivani Shivaji Roy as she has literally gone under the skin of her character. She makes you feel proud and you will be rooting for her the entire time with equal fervour.

A special mention is definitely needed for the antagonist Vishal Jethwa who has done full justice to his villainous character. Vishal has perfectly caught the Meerut accent and demeanour.

The entire storyline of the movie is extremely intriguing and will keep you hooked until the last minute. In fact, you would end up wanting it to never end. The story is extremely gripping and does not leave you with any second thoughts at all.  It is one of those movies that will leave you completely satisfied with no regrets. The message of the movie comes across beautifully. Sans any sugar-coating the film delivers what it had promised.

What’s Not:

Some scenes were just a bit too graphic but that is a personal preference. Other than that, nothing is questionable in ‘Mardaani 2′.


‘Mardaani 2’ is a good two hours of eye-opening intelligent content. It’s thought-provoking and definitely a MUST WATCH for everyone. Bollywood Bubble gives it 4 stars.


‘Mardaani 2’ might rule the box office this week and will be a hit in theatres.

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