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‘Nakkash’ Movie Review: A slow screenplay that tries to give the same old message

Directed By: Zaigham Imam

Produced By: Pawan Tiwari, Govind Goyal, Zaigham Imam

Cast: Inaamulhaq, Sharib Hashmi, Kumud Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Pawan Tiwari, Harminder Singh, Gulki Joshi, Simala Prasad, Ravi Bhushan Bhartiya, Anil Rastogi, Siddharth Bhardwaj, Shobhna Bhardwaj

Bollywood Bubble Rating: 1.5/5

Thanks to Inaamulhaq’s painful screen presence, ‘Nakkash’ is a badly scripted drama that takes too long to convey its message. Allahrakha (Inaamulhaq) is a sculptor who is a Muslim, but creates artwork for Hindu temples. Despite his good natured and secular view, he is harassed by the police and the society at large.

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While the cinematography of the film works in patches, nothing else does. You get extremely slow scenes one after the other and none of them serve much purpose. The dialogues are extremely horrendous too, but nothing compares to the lead actor’s terrible performance. When he shrieks, you can’t help but cringe. When he smiles, it is far from infectious.

Even though the message of secularism has often been given in Hindi films, filmmakers can still try to find some new angle. Last year’s ‘Mulk’ was a fine example of that and Anubhav Sinha must be applauded for the sensitive way in which he treated the subject.

This film does none of the same and it is a major snoozefest from start to finish. Perhaps a better lead actor would have sparked some fire into it, but alas, the producers had a really bad day while casting Inaamulhaq.

Final verdict: 

You must find something better to do with extra money if you’re planning to watch this movie.

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