Rashmi Rocket Review: Taapsee Pannu is unstoppable as she races ahead with grit

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Director: Akarsh Khurana

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Priyanshu Painyuli, Abhishek Banerjee, Shweta Tripathi, Supriya Pathak,
Manoj Joshi

Bollywood Bubble Rating:  4 stars

“Haar Jeet toh parinaam hai, koshish karna apna kaam hai,” this dialogue from Rashmi Rocket is what you take away after watching the over 2 hour and 15 minutes film. There is an inexplicable energy in the film which keeps you hooked. There are characters that are preachy and then there is Rashmi. A naive, talented toddler who was told to wear her wings and never give up, who was guided by her father to believe in ‘trying’ without worrying about failures, who was told that you fail only when you give up, until then, just keep at it! While watching the film, you could feel the vulnerability, determination, helplessness and willingness, all together and in parts, through different characters.

Set in the heartland of Gujarat, Kutch, Rashmi Rocket chronicles the journey of Rashmi who is a ‘hero’ in her town, known for her impeccable speed. Naturally, being a good athlete made her the ‘launda’ of the town. She was seen as a tomboy. But, she never pursues the sport as a profession until she meets Gagan, an Army trainer. The untrained Rashmi was then offered training in a legit sports academy post which the story changes gear. From it being a story of Rashmi who is rocket-like, it focuses on the inexplicably frustrating practice of gender test which has ruined many female athletes life and future. Why? Only because she was good at the sport, only because she was better than many others. Rashmi Rocket raises many important points on gender test and it’s validity in today’s time. This is probably the first time a film has put this long practice in highlight and left viewers with a food for thought!


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The music of the film brings in an authentic flavour of Gujarat, which is the backbone of the narrative. The use of folk tunes blended with modern ones is organic. Kudos to the music composers and producers Amit Trivedi and Bhoomi Trivedi on experimenting with the music and making tunes keeping the heartland in mind.

The cinematography, the picturesque locations, especially the Run of Kutch visuals are beautifully captured.

The screenplay works for the film. It keeps you engaged and hooked on without a dull moment.

Taapsee Pannu brings in her natural flare as a performer while portraying Rashmi. A special mention to her physical adaptation for the film. The way she changed her body to fit the part is commendable. She nails it as Rashmi, battling gender perceptions, limits a sportsperson life with enough grit. Taapsee is totally unstoppable just like the Rocket with the way she has been moving ahead.


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Priyanshu Painyuli as Gagan, an army trainer and supportive husband is cast perfectly. He is the catalyst behind Rashmi and her journey, he is the silent supporter who’s an inspiration in himself. There is a sense of innocence and smartness he brings to Gagan. Abhishek Banerjee plays the lawyer who takes on gender test and it’s validity along with Rashmi and Gagan. Despite appearing in second half, Abhishek leaves a mark as a prosecutor out for justice. His will to set the course right and challenge the institution is unmissable. Although, it did seem that it stemmed from a personal experience which the film didn’t explore.


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This Rashmi Rocket is only going to soar high backed by top-notch performances, a strong storyline and with its heart in the right place!

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