KGF 2 review: Yash aka Rocky’s innate charisma demands attention, Sanjay Dutt as Adheera oozes madness

Director: Prasanth Neel

Cast: Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Sriniddhi Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Prakash Raj




How far will one go to fulfil one wish? How determined are you to fulfil a wish that costs you a fortune or even the lives of the people around you? And then comes KGF 2 which answers all these questions. One will seriously feel that Prasanth Neel has raised the bar to ensure that the second chapter is bigger than the first part and in some ways, it has but it lacks the hype. The journey of Rocky in chapter 2 is quite rocky (pun intended). In some parts, it felt like the story is losing its touch but it will still grab your attention, all thanks to the powerful presence of none other than the Sultana himself Yash. He has outdone himself in this part and is the only good thing that has happened to the film.


Chapter 2 picks up exactly where it was left. The first part was all about the rise of Sultana aka Rocky while the second part is about the rule and the conquest of Rocky in KGF. After the death of Garuda and ending his reign of terror, Rocky claims KGF as his and rules in full power. He makes a plan to expand the gold mine business to such an extent that at one point, he calls himself the CEO of India (that’s a bit of a drag). This time, it is not Anand Ingalagi who is narrating the story but his son played by Prakash Raj takes the lead. Once Rocky takes over KGF, his enemies try to defeat him by all means but they don’t know what storm Rocky holds. As he enjoys being a ruler, enters Adheera who is back from the dead and wants to claim the throne. The line between fiction and reality gets blurred in this part. There is a different realm of Rocky that was explored here. But will he surpass his enemies and fulfil his mother’s long dream? Will he be able to conquer the world and yet be content with what he has? Read the KGF 2 review here.

Star performance:

Yash as Rocky: As he says in the movie, Rocky is truly the one and only. Yash indeed lives and breathes the character. Interestingly, his character graph has evolved a lot in this part. From being an observer to becoming a strategic person, Rocky is a quick learner. Apart from smashing one’s head with his bare hands, he is clever as a fox. He knows the game of chess better, understands his players and he calculates his next move. It is said that when a tiger goes 2 steps back, it is not because he is afraid but gearing up to take a long jump. Well, Rocky is that tiger who knows how to hunt. Yash looks handsome and powerful! His presence screams attention. From his first frame to the last, Yash does leave an impact and will make you root for him. He has a certain charm and swag that will make you say ‘Kya baat’ (at least, in my case)

Sanjay Dutt as Adheera: Remember Sanjay’s character as Kancha Cheena in Agneepath? Sanjay scared the ton with this bald head, shaved eyebrows, and the smile as if Satan is smiling at us. So when we got to Sanjay playing the role, we knew it is going to be epic until I saw the movie. The grandness and the villainous notions were somewhere missing from Adheera. He is a ruthless gangster who claims whatever he wishes for. His towering physique and innate charisma make us want to buy into the premise without asking too many questions but he didn’t compel us to believe in his villainous powers. Heavily inspired by the Vikings, Sanjay’s look was deadly. His screen presence and his baritone voice will surely send chills down your spine but something was quite off.

Raveena Tandon as Ramila Sen: She is a powerful, ruthless, unapologetic, unforgiving and headstrong woman. She essays the role of the Prime Minister of India Ramika Sen. She is the one who plays by the rules but with a twist. She is unbeatable yet very vulnerable when the puzzle pieces don’t fit in. Raveena looks fierce and feisty and we loved her presence. Though she comes in the second half as she plays a cameo, Raveena’s magnitude is unmissable.

Prakash Raj: One of the most talented actors in the Entertainment industry plays the narrator of KGF. He narrates the story with a lot of conviction.

Sriniddhi Shetty: Unlike the first part, we get to see a little more of her in the second instalment. She has very less to contribute to the film but the emotional connection with her character was needed (see the film). Sriniddhi justifies her character and plays with zeal and zest.


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Direction: Prasanth Neel is the captain of the ship and tries to sail it successfully but faces a lot of ups and downs. We loved how he still kept the rustic and raw feel of the gold mine. He has once used the undertones of grey, brown and black with all smokey effects. Though in KGF 2, the filmmaker tried to portray Rocky as the demigod who is unbeatable- an anti-hero that people want to ship. Neel tries to make his character the messiah but at a cost of people’s life. The drone shots were beautifully shot while the VFX word was used smoothly. 

Action: I anyway enjoy the anti-gravity action sequences, the slow motions and the grittiness, fortunately, we got to see them in KGF 2. It was fast and well-choreographed.

Music: Music always plays an important part in any movie and well, this was no exception. Be it a song about him establishing his power in the illegal business or his emotional connection with his mother, it is quite heart touching. However, there was a romantic song between the leads that seemed quite off and out of place.

Conclusion: Overall, we are going with 3.5 stars for KGF: Chapter 2. It is a mass entertainer and will be thoroughly enjoyed by the fans. It is indeed a theatre watch as its magnitude and grandness can be enjoyed when seen on a bigger frame. 

KGF: Chapter 2 starring Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Sriniddhi Shetty and Raveena Tandon is directed by Prasanth Neel. The film is released on April 14, 2022.

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