Ashok Kumar and Kishore Kumar's old picture

There’s no doubt about it that the contribution of legendary actor Ashok Kumar and actor-singer-filmmaker Kishore Kumar in Indian cinema is immense. Both of them as many would know were siblings and are considered to be one of India’s finest artistes who have successfully donned many hats with equal ease. Talking about Ashok Kumar, he was an actor who ruled the silver screen and even millions of hearts with his charismatic screen appearance and personality. Whereas, Kishore Kumar’s melodious voice remains etched in our hearts to date, and maybe forever.

Both brothers loved each other, but there came a time when destiny played a cruel game and one’s happy occasion unfortunately turned sad and unhappy for the other one. And the day was October 13. The day was Ashok Kumar’s birthday, and unfortunately became the last day of Kishore Kumar, who passed away on that day. (Also Read: The ‘khatta meetha’ affairs: When Kishore Kumar got candid about his wives)


For the ones who aren’t aware, Kishore Kumar’s career had started long after his elder brother Ashok Kumar had already become an established star. Kishore Kumar’s first film appearance was in film ‘Shikari’ (1946), which starred his elder brother Ashok in the lead role. In fact, years later Ashok and Kishore were joined by their younger brother Anoop Kumar and together, they went on to star in one of the most classic comedies ever made in Hindi cinema, titled ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’ (1958). The success of the film led the brothers to act in yet another comedy film titled ‘Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi’. The title of this Kishore Kumar directorial rhymed with the name of ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’.

Reports also suggested that after the demise of Kishore Kumar October 13, 1987, elder brother Ashok Kumar did not celebrate his birthday, which fell on the same day, till his last days.

A cruel coincidence, but such is life.