5 reasons why Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes starrer Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is relatable

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One of the most-loved shows on Indian Television, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (KRPKAB), returns with Season 3. KRPKAB goes on air today on Sony TV. With Dev and Sonakshi, the ‘finest’ couple of Indian TV, reaching a place of complacency in their relationship, the new season aims to showcase the after-effects of it. There is no doubt that Dev and Sonakshi, previously, have taken the audience through a myriad of emotions that reiterated compatibility, understanding, love, compromise, anguish, separation, and parenthood. Shaheer Shaikh and Erica Fernandes reprise their on-screen characters of Dev and Sonakshi with veteran actress Supriya Pilgaonkar as Dev’s mother Ishwari.

As the show returns today, here are 5 reasons why it continues to be relatable.

Flawed characters ft. Dev and Sonakshi

The first and foremost reason is Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes as Devakshi. There are very few shows which really focus on different aspects of a relationship, which includes reaching a place of stagnancy. To me, this sounds like an unchartered territory as far as Indian TV content is concerned. Not to forget, Devakshi’s chemistry by far has been very different and endearing. They’ve made our hearts flutter with their cute gestures and made us cry while they were in pain. The third season will throw light on the changing dynamics of their relationship and the ways in which the two will overcome challenges.

Engaging Narrative

The most integral element of the show is the plot that showcases the journey of a couple who stand by each other and face all the ups and downs together. A sensible evolved and mature story that not just makes it relatable for the viewers but makes it a great watch!

Everyone’s cup of tea

The show has content and characters for everyone in the audience to draw their parallels. Young couples with newly brewed love, married couples figuring out their life together, elderly parents, as well as teenagers. The mindset of the show is not only for the new and modern but also for people who believe in the traditional idea of love. It tries to cater to everyone’s tastes without being biased. Their approach is modern, in most cases casting light on patriarchy, rightly pointing out sexism and promoting gender equality.

Emotional rollercoaster ride

This show is not just about romance. It’s a great mixture of every emotion that an individual goes through – happy, sad, serious and fun. The screenplay is crisp and to the point, and most importantly pays attention to the minute details. The third season is going to be a roller coaster for the viewers with plot twists and a gripping storyline.

Emphasis on every relation

The third season will see old relations as well as the new ones under different spotlights. The relation between mon-son, husband-wife, parents-children, and grandmother-grandchildren will all be interwoven with evolved sensibilities.

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