‘Bigg Boss 13’: Arhaan Khan REACTS on Rashami Desai’s ‘he is not my type’ comment

Image Source - Instagram

‘Bigg Boss 13′ is seeing some really big changes in the house these days. Rashami Desai recently revealed that Arhaan Khan is not her type. It was quite shocking for the nation but is Arhaan surprised? Well, he believes that their relationship is not so fragile and it stands on a strong emotional connect.

Reacting on Rashami’s recent comment, Arhaan told SpotboyE, “Rashami ne ye kahin nahi bola hai ki main Arhaan se rishta khatam kar rahi hoon. Toh log assume karna band karein, please. She has said that she will talk to me once she is out of the house, which she mentioned even while I was inside. Moreover, our relationship is not that fragile, we are emotionally attached, which was quite evident when I came out of the house and Rashami broke down miserably. It just proved how much we mean to each other. We are just handling this situation in a mature way by not talking about it inside the house and making a scene out of it. Mujhe samjh nahi aaraha phir logo ko aaisi baatein karke kyun uska tamasha bannana hai?

Interestingly, arch-enemies Rashami and Sidharth Shukla’s relationship has been getting more stable as the two are often seen joking around. Commenting about their equation Arhaan said, “I am very happy she is playing her game now. Just because I am not with her inside, doesn’t mean she will sit and keep crying. If she is handling herself positively, what else would I want? As far as Sidharth goes, I don’t feel they have any friendship between them. Sidharth comic zone mein chal raha hai aur Rashami bhi usko waise hi replies de rahi hai. It’s good that they are not having unnecessary fights.

Well, let’s see how things turn out between Arhaan and Rashami when she comes out of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ house.

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