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‘Bigg Boss 13’: Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij reveal that Rashami Desai’s contribution is only 10 percent

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Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij reveal that Rashami’s contribution in the Bigg Boss house is only 10 percent. After reprimanding the contestants, host Salman Khan had an interesting an intense panel discussion with family and friends of the contestants

Speaking in support of their loved ones Parag Tyagi (Shefali Jariwala’s husband), Akanksha Puri (Paras’ girlfriend), Umar Riaz (Asim’s brother), Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij (Sidharth and Rashami’s close friends) had a debatable discussion. With a tough week had gone by, the house witnessed a drastic change of dynamics and some unpleasant fights. Discussing the current issues in the house host Salman Khan had a small chat with family members in the panel discussion.

While a few stood strong in support of their loved ones, a few gave honest and unbiased opinions. When Salman Khan questioned Jay and Mahhi on how their two close friends Sidharth and Rashami are doing in the house. Jay came out in support of Sidharth and commended his strategy by saying he is playing the game Alone, but Mahhi was quick enough to react on Rashami’s game by saying that her contribution to the show is hardly ten percent.

Taking the discussion ahead Mahhi Said, “I feel Rashami is lost somewhere inside and she is not playing the game well. Her contribution to the show is only ten percent as she has not been seen in the house. The Rashami I know is a strong person but now it looks like the total opposite, she is talking to other housemates to save her from nominations. She can play the game nicely and I hope she realises this soon and ups her strategy.

Adding to this, Jay also added, “Yes I would completely agree that Rashami is a strong person but her game currently is quite low compared to others, she has to buck up and change her strategies and form the correct alliances.

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