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‘Bigg Boss 14’: Aly Goni fights for his rumoured GF Jasmin Bhasin

Image Source - Instagram

The world now knows about Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin’s friendship, and the former’s entry in ‘Bigg Boss‘ to support his friend speaks a lot about the strong bond that they share. So much so they have been ever said to be romantically involved, but there has not been any confirmation of the same yet from either one of them. But even so, they look super cute together, and they are indeed one of the most loved stars in this season’s Bigg Boss.

So it was obvious that he will go out of his way to support her in the captaincy task. Only the four former captains – Jasmin, Aly, Kavita Kaushik, and Eijaz Khan – were supposed to participate in the task. It was the famous Box Task of the reality show to test for how long a contestant can stay inside the box while the ones outside tried to disturb them. Once Aly came out of the box, he went all out to support Jasmin. Though he tried to disturb the other contestants, his first priority was to save Jasmin from any outside interference.

Aly gave his best in saving Jasmin, but unfortunately, sanchalak Rahul Vaidya announced Kavita as the winner. However, Aly seemed really happy as Jasmin gave her best in the task. He also went and congratulated Kavita for becoming the new captain. That shows true sportsman spirit, doesn’t it?

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