‘Bigg Boss 14’ Written Updates, Day 73: Rubina Dilaik and Arshi Khan have an epic showdown

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Bigg Boss is a show where there is never a dull or a quiet moment! The second round in the BB Duck Park has begun. The competitors this time are Aly, Eijaz, Manu and Abhinav who will each aim to collect as much duck food as they can to progress towards the next round. Before that action can even start, there is another, different kind of action that is unleashed.

In a jovial way, Rubina comments that there are five instead of four ducks in the BB Duck Park! Everyone bursts our laughing on this comment. Arshi feels that Rubina is making fun of her and starts to argue with Rubina.

This leaves Rubina amused. She accuses Arshi of just imagining insults as that was not meant for her. Arshi does not agree with it and continues to accuse Rubina who in turn says that there were many people present and the comment could be for any one of them. Arshi refuses to believe that and warns Rubina to never mess with her again. On hearing this, Rubina still feigns amusement and instead of getting angry, bursts into a fit of laughter which angers Arshi even more!

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How will Arshi and Rubina’s new enmity unfold? Will the two makeup or will the house witness more clashes between them?

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