‘Bigg Boss 14’: Naina Singh slams Rahul Vaidya for his sexist comment on Jaan Kumar Sanu-watch video

Image Source - Instagram

In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14′, we saw all the contestants going through the drill of nominations. After a heated nomination process, Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya, Jaan Kumar Sanu are sent in the red zone and they have now joined Pavitra Punia. Eijaz Khan is saved by captain Kavita Kaushik.

Amidst all this, we saw an unpleasant side of Rahul Vaidya who not only insulted Jaan by calling him a product of nepotism but by also addressing him as a female (pertaining to the stereotype of the female gender being addressed as weaker sex) in the upcoming episode that will be aired today.

Wild card contestant Naina Singh is also stunned by Rahul’s comment, Naina who is fondly called as Nonaberrry by her fans came forward and took a stand for Jaan and slammed Rahul for labelling Jaan as a ‘girl’. She retorted back at the singer by saying, “Aapko kya lagta hai, ladkiyaan kamzor hoti hai Rahul? Tu khud bann jaa thoda ladki, kya pata accha khel le” (What do you think girls are weak? You yourself should become a girl; might help improve your game).

Naina who is known for her blunt and strong-headed nature has redefined feminism in her own way and has definitely empowered the ladies in the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house.

We recently had an interview with Naina before she entered the Bigg Boss house. You can watch it here.

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