Bigg Boss 14: Sandiip Sikcand on Eijaz Khan’s issue with ‘touch’: I think it’s a psychological problem

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Eijaz Khan had earlier revealed that he has ‘problem with touch’. In one episode, he shocked everyone when Bigg Boss asked him to reveal his dark secret during an immunity task. Eijaz shared a horrific ordeal that he went through during his childhood. He revealed that he was touched inappropriately as a child. He went on saying that he struggled to overcome the bad experience for years and his therapist helped him to come out of it. Eijaz turned emotional and broke into tears as he shared the incident. The contestants in the house were also shocked to hear this and they consoled Eijaz and later he was given the immunity. Now, Eijaz’s good friend, Sandiip Sikcand has opened up on the former’s problem with touch.

In an interview with Times of India, Sandiip told that when he meets Eijaz, they always give each other a hug. The producer said, “The problem is that he has to be comfortable around people and only then does he initiate the hug or touch.” Sandiip knows Eijaz for 18 years and he said that initially, he never used to hug him and they would just shake hands when they met.

Recalling one incident, Sikcand said, “I remember one incident when he was at my house and my mother came to welcome him with a hug, but he very politely explained to her that he wasn’t comfortable with it. But now that he knows her well, he himself hugs her when they meet. I think he takes time to establish a rapport with someone. It’s not like he thinks, ‘Oh God, I can’t touch anyone’.”

He further said that people in the house are sometimes stupid and they make a big deal about nothing. He thinks that it’s a psychological and emotional problem and one has to deal with it sensitively.

Recently, Eijaz Khan left Bigg Boss 14 house due to his work commitments. When Bigg Boss showed him his journey before his exit, he turned emotional.


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