EXCLUSIVE: Anupamaa star Rupali Ganguly on holding son Rudransh for the first time, motherhood and their bond

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Rupali Ganguly is a ‘protective, strong, loving and caring’ mother onscreen in Anupamaa. But, did you know she is the same in real life too? Yes, Rupali Ganguly is a ‘super mom’ to her son Rudransh and aptly balances her work life and personal space. In Bollywood Bubble’s special Mother’s Day segment, Rupali Ganguly opened up about motherhood, how life changed post having a Baby, and more. Rupali Ganguly also revealed the ‘first feeling’ when she held her son Rudransh in her arms.

“The first time I held my son in my arms, I was very very excited. I probably was the first woman who was excited to be in labour, I was laughing. Because I was so excited, ‘I was in labour, my baby is coming.’ There’s not a single thing that I have forgotten, I was in labour throughout the night. It was just fantastic yaar,” she told us.

Sharing her motherhood experience, Rupali said, “No mother is prepared to have a child. Parenthood, motherhood does not come with a manual. You have to write about your own experiences. Each one has its own journey and it is amazing. You just forget that you exist, you totally forget it. If you embrace motherhood a little late, you become overprotective. I was completely obsessed. Now, I have learnt to let go, thanks to my husband, who guides me always.”

Ask her about her if she’s a strick mom or a lenient one, Rupali Ganguly talks about her bond with son Rudransh with all hearts. “I think, parenting for me is a mixture of everything. I am not strict with him, Ashwin is the one who disciplines him. Ashwin is the one who makes him study, Ashwin is the one who feeds him,” she shared.


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The actress was hearts for her hubby, and added, “Actually, the mother is Ashwin. Mene toh sirf paida kiya hai (I have just given him birth). Ashwin is the one doing everything for him right now, I’m not doing anything.”

Talking about her bond with her little one, the Anupamaa star shared about their fun-loving moments. “Well, I have my pillow fights with him, I enjoy myself with him. He is a delight to be around, we both go on talking. He talks less, kam bolne wala bacha hai. But, suddenly he cracks jokes to lighten up the mood. He has a mind of his own. I think, Ashwin controls him, what am I doing!?” an elated Rupali Ganguly concluded.

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