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Gautam Gulati is one of the popular stars in the industry. Lately, he has been making headlines for his stint on Roadies. The actor keeps grabbing attention because of his constant fights and arguments with Prince Narula on the show. Speaking of that, in the latest episode of Bollywood Bubble’s Knock Knock, Gautam gave us a tour of his house. That’s not all, he also opened up about his fallout with Prince.

For the uninitiated, Gautam is currently hosting Roadies 19 alongside Prince Narula and Rhea Chakraborty. The two gang leaders Gautam and Prince often get into heated arguments with each other.

Gautam opens up about his fallout with Prince

When asked how he controls being provoked, Gautam said, “I think I was shooting for around 30 days and then 10 days of events and auditions. So, around 40 days aisa ek bhi nahi raha jaha mujhe gussa nahi aaya (There hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t been angry). But over the years, I’ve realised that you have to somehow face the problem in your life. You have to somehow face it like a man.”

He continued, “And sometimes you can yell or sometimes you could show it to the other person that ‘come on, calm down’. But if you avoid and if you’re playing your game in a silent way or if you’re just smiling so I feel that smile is going to be bigger than the words. So, mujhe aisa lagta hai ki shaanti insaan ko zindagi mein rakhni chahiye aur aap gusse mein koi bhi decision lete ho woh galat hota hai. (I feel that a person should have peace in his life and if you take a decision peacefully then it’s right and any decision you take in anger is wrong).”

Furthermore, Gautam also opened up about his Bigg Boss days and how it was a completely different show as compared to Roadies. For the unversed, Gautam was a part of Bigg Boss 8 and emerged as the winner.

Watch the video below:

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