EXCLUSIVE: Jasmin Bhasin on dealing with toxic relationship
Image Source - Instagram

Jasmin Bhasin has been winning hearts with her candour and honesty. The actress doesn’t shy away from speaking about her experiences. Recently, she delivered a super hit song with Aly Goni titled Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega which was sung by Vishal Mishra. The song essentially captures the toxicity of any relationship and the need to find the courage to step out of it. During an earnest and exclusive conversation, we asked Jasmin Bhasin if she has ever had such an experience where she was left heartbroken and had to take such a decision. Opening up on it, Jasmin revealed that she also has had such an experience and she is not ashamed of sharing it.


Jasmin Bhasin told Bollywood Bubble, “Yeah, I don’t feel ashamed or awkward to share about it, because life is a journey. It’s about experiences. Whoever I am, it’s because of the experiences I have had, and how I have learnt from them and grown. Yes, I have been, and that time also, I saw that it was not going the way it was supposed to be, it was not reciprocated the way I wanted it to. I felt that somewhere I was compromising my happiness and self-respect, which is not acceptable. My parents did not take care of me to live this kind of life. They made me a strong, educated woman, who can take care of herself, take a stand for herself and live respectfully, and I need to end this.” Jasmin Bhasin revealed that she chose her happiness and that is the most important thing.

Currently, in a relationship with Aly Goni, the two have been spending a lot of time together. Jasmin Bhasin is also excited for her upcoming lineup and hopes to be a part of projects where she can send out strong messages to women.

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