Kushal Punjabi’s ex-girlfriend Meghna Naidu offers condolences to his family

Image Source - Instagram

Actor Kushal Punjabi’s suicide took everyone by surprise. It was on December 27 the news of his death grabbed the headlines. From television to Bollywood celebs, everyone expressed their grief on Kushal’s death. The 37-year-old had allegedly killed himself in his flat in Bandra, Mumbai.

Meghna Naidu who was Kushal’s ex-girlfriend has now sent a condolence message to Kushal Punjabi’s cousins as per a report in SpotboyE. Meghna has been friends with them since she and Kushal dated and they are still in touch.

Meghna and Kushal dated earlier and they parted ways in 2010. Kushal got married to Audrey Dolhen. In an earlier interview, Meghna told the portal, “We did talk but there was nothing much between us that we could have a long conversation- we had nothing in common, so it was restricted to basically the basic pleasantries of Hi and Hello.”

On Kushal’s death, she said, “It is just tragic and shocking to hear that he committed suicide because he came across as a very happy and enthusiastic person, from what I saw on my friends’ social media updates. I feel for his son and family. I hope they stay strong in this tough time.”

There were speculations that Kushal ended his life due to problems in his marriage. But his wife Audrey rubbished all the reports and in an interview with Peeping Moon, she said that it was Kushal who was responsible for their failed relationship.

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