Neha Kakkar blasts Kiku Sharda and Gaurav Gera for body-shaming her; says, ‘Really disgusted and hurt’

Image Source - Instagram

Singer Neha Kakkar often gets mocked by people but she doesn’t take it seriously but this time she is hurt. Comedians Kiku Sharda and Gaurav Gera went overboard with their jokes in a comedy show. Kiku Sharda played a doctor in the act while Gaurav a female nurse. They called a girl with short height as ‘Neha Kankar’ and ‘Chotu’. To which the girl replies that she is ‘Neha Shakkar’. The girl is portrayed as a person who keeps on taking selfies and talks through hashtags.

The short girl is called ‘chota sa bluetooth speaker’. They also make fun of Neha’s singing talent. She is also asked, “Is bhondi si shakal ke saath jab tum mic ke saamne jaati ho to mic muh nahi pher leta hai? (How do you go in front of the mic with such a face? Doesn’t the mic turn away?)” This act of body-shaming irked both Neha and her brother Tony Kakkar and they took to their Instagram handle to slam the artistes and the channel.

Neha took to her Instagram stories and wrote, “Shame on these people to create such a NEGATIVE and insulting content! My people know how much I appreciate comedy on me and otherwise but this one is Ridiculous!!! Stop using my name, Stop enjoying, dancing and acting on my songs if you hate me so much. Thankless people.”

Have a look at Neha’s posts.

Image Source - Instagram
Image Source - Instagram

The video was later removed from the channel.

Neha’s brother Tony too slammed the channel and the comedians. He shared the video with a lengthy post that read: “Do you understand what a person goes through when you make fun about her/his body size or shape.
Will you ever stop making fun of what God has made us ?”

Read his full post here.

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