Sarabhai vs Sarabhai actor Rajesh Kumar Covid-19
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‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ actor Rajesh Kumar, aka Rosesh Sarabhai has tested Covid-19 positive. The actor shared his experience of contracting the virus.

He told Hindustan Times, “I never had any of the common symptoms and didn’t even realise something was wrong till the time I started feeling lethargic. The first bout happened on August 20 and when it happened again the next day I decided to see a doctor. Slowly I lost my sense of taste and smell. It was on August 22 that I got my rapid test done and it came positive. Since then I’ve been in home isolation. I have been exercising and doing yoga daily. Things are fine just that at times my body requires rest.”


Kumar’s wife Madhvi, sons, Ahaan and Vyaan, and their house help also got tested and their results came negative.

He said, “I don’t know where I got this from, it can be from anywhere. Apart from shooting, I’ve gone out for other work too.” Kumar said that he came to know about his CT points that say how much an asymptomatic patient can spread the virus. Explaining about it, he said, “If your points come between 25 and 32 then you aren’t a spreader, mine is 27-28. But if your points are below 24 then you’re a super spreader and must take extra precautions.”

He will get another test done and if that comes negative he will start shooting. “We need to talk more about the test and diagnosis to address the taboos attached to it and spread awareness. Let’s not scare others, rather help in the process of healing. There’s nothing to hide if you’re infected. You haven’t committed any crime. This can happen to anyone. We need to accept the situation, take maximum protection, support each other and keep working. Nothing should deter our spirits,” he added.

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