Khichdi actress Richa Bhadra Covid-19
Image Source - Instagram

TV actress Richa Bhadra, who worked in shows like ‘Khichdi’ and ‘Baa Bahu Aur Baby’, has tested Covid-19 positive and is currently home-quarantined. Mumbai Mirror quoted her saying, “I am unable to taste or smell anything and I’ve got severe cold and cough. Currently, I am quarantined at my own house but that’s difficult as I can’t touch things around me. My mother is taking care of my food, kaadha, but I’m worried about her as I don’t want her to contract the virus because of me.”

Richa is not aware of how she contracted the virus as she took all the safety measures while travelling. “A few times I travelled between Powai and Ghatkopar in my car, keeping all the safety precautions in mind. I even bought groceries and several items from medical stores but I used to take serious care in terms of sanitising the products as well as my hands. So, I am actually unable to figure how I contracted the virus. However, what’s happened has happened and now I am taking all kinds of precautionary measures so that I am back on track as soon as possible,” she said.


A few days back she wrote a post on Instagram saying, “Hi everyone, I have been tested positive for Covid-19 this morning .. BMC is informed about the same and I am home quarantined at the moment .. although I have mild symptoms, I would advice all those who have been in close proximity with me over the last few days to get themselves tested. Please keep me in your prayers as I set off on my path to recovery. Please be safe and take care”.

We wish for the speedy recovery of the actress.

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