Shefali Jariwala Kaanta Laga
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‘Kaanta Laga’ that came in the year 2002 was one of the revolutionary songs that used to be played at all the parties, weddings, clubs and discos. It totally changed the perception of the remix tracks. When we asked Shefali Jariwala what changes she has seen back then and now, she said, “I think before ‘Kaanta Laga’, it was all film music. There was a pop market but it was not that significant. But ‘Kaanta Laga’ brought about that change. There were two distinct kinds of music-pop and film music. ‘Kaanta Laga’ gave the opportunity to many music composers, artistes, actors, models and directors. People used to really watch the song and it was a big hit. That time, there was no social media, nothing but this song used to play everywhere-be in on weddings, clubs, parties. That was a different time altogether. Then pop market became low and film music became like pop music. I have seen that during the lockdown, a lot of independent music has come. I am really happy to see a trend of pop music reviving once again and it’s nice to have pop music in the industry.”


With the song, Shefali became an overnight sensation and got the tag of ‘Kaanta Laga’ girl. Shefali feels proud that she got the opportunity to be part of the song that gave her so much recognition.

The former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant said, “I was a simple middle-calls Gujarati girl chilling outside my college when I was offered the song. Not just me, my past seven generations had nothing to do with the entertainment industry. For me, it was not less than a fairytale. I am very grateful for that.”

She added, “I still get calls from all over the world and people still like the song after all these many years. I totally feel blessed that this song happened and I got the opportunity to do it. It is a very strong identity. My very first song gave me that tag and I am very proud of it because there can’t be any other ‘Kaanta Laga’ girl in the world but Shefali Jariwala. So, I feel fortunate that I got so much recognition from my first song.”

Recently, Shefali was seen with Mika Singh in the video song ‘Honthon Pe Bas’.

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