EXCLUSIVE: Sidharth Shukla reveals dealing with bottling emotions over his father’s death

Image Source - Instagram

Sidharth Shukla has finally made his OTT debut with the web series Broken But Beautiful 3 and it was one of the most talked-about and anticipated shows. Sidharth plays the character of Agastya, who is a filmmaker and finds love in an actress named Rumi. His world changes post that and the show traces the life of Agastya and Rumi beautifully. If you happen to catch the show, it is all about heartbreaks and in an exclusive chat with us, Sidharth opened up about how he deals with heartbreaks just like Agastya in personal and professional life.

Sidharth told Bollywood Bubble, “I just let it be because you know love is a feeling and it stays for as long as you hold on it and after a while when you just chose to let it go and be fine with it is when things ease out and it all gets fine. So I just give it some time.”

Sidharth lost his father at a young age and talking about coping with his emotions even when it comes to his father’s death, he said “It always does right because emotions are again something that you feel in. From your feelings comes your emotions so if you get into a moment and you happen to think about something, good, bad, ugly or sad you happen to bring out that kind of emotions in you. So yes you either chose to be in that zone or walk out of it, or move out, distract yourself with something else.”

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