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Portraying intimate scenes as an actor can be a challenging task, demanding a specific level of comfort and relying heavily on the director’s approach. Amruta Subhash, known for her role in Netflix’s latest series Lust Stories 2, recently shared her experience regarding the sensitivity shown by director Anurag Kashyap during the filming of her first sex scene for Sacred Games 2.

Amruta Reveals her conversation with director Anurag

In a conversation with Netflix India, Amruta candidly discussed her experiences shooting sex scenes for the camera. She highlights the lack of disparity between working with both male and female directors. Reflecting on her first time shooting a sex scene, which was directed by Anurag Kashyap for Sacred Games 2, Amruta Subhash shared her experience.

Amruta shared how the director took into consideration of her menstrual cycle dates to make her feel comfortable. She stated, “There was no question about being a man or a woman. He was extremely sensitive. He called the direction team… and was the one who asked me the question, what are your period dates, so they don’t schedule the sex scenes around that. ‘You will do it during your periods?’ He asked that.”

Amruta played the role of Seema in Netflix’s Lust Stories 2

The actress recently starred in Lust Stories 2, an anthology film. Her part of the movie was called The Mirror which was directed by Konkona Sen Sharma. Amruta played the role of Seema alongside Tillotama Shome. The story revolved around a house help (Amruta) getting intimate with her husband on the owner’s bed. She invites her husband whenever Tillotama leaves for office. Meanwhile, Tillotama enjoys watching her get intimate and secretly watches her through the mirror.

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