YRKKH Spoiler Alert: Kairav falls ill and misses Naira; Will Kartik take help from Sirat for his son’s health?

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai aka YRKKH fans are hooked to the innumerable twists and turns in the story. First, viewers received a ‘big shock’ as their dear Naira passed away. However, later they were surprised to see Shivangi Joshi enter as Sirat in YRKKH. Ever since Sirat’s entry, fans are eagerly waiting for her meeting with Kartik (Moshin Khan). Sirat, a lookalike of Naira, has a karmic connection with Kartik, and viewers are waiting for it to unfold.

While viewers want to see Sirat and Kartik’s romantic angle, the latest episode of YRKKH brought about a shocker. Kartik and Sirat got into loggerheads at the former’s anniversary celebrations. It so happened, that Kartik had planned an anniversary celebration in remembrance of Naira. But, Sirat unintentionally landed at the function and had a shocking face-off with the Goenka family.

Kartik lashed out at Sirat for ruining their special moments and creating a hindrance in their happiness. While Sirat tried to explain herself, Kartik fumed in anger and blasted her. Moreover, Kartik also dragged Sirat out of the party, leaving her heartbroken. Sirat was unable to understand Kartik’s outburst and was shocked to see this side of his behaviour.

Now, in the upcoming episode of YRKKH, Kairav will fall ill. Kairav, who believes Sirat is his mother Naira, will collapse as Kartik throws her out. Kairav’s health will worsen, and he will be hospitalized. Kairav will constantly miss his ‘mumma’ aka Naira, as he lays on the hospital bed unconscious. Upon seeing Kairav’s deteriorating health, Kartika and the Goenka family will get worried.

Take a look at the latest update from YRKKH here: 

Since Kairva is consistently taking his mumma’s name, the doctor asks Kartik to get the child’s mother ASAP. However, Kartik is left in a fix. The doctor asks Kartik to get Kairav’s mother or the woman that he assumes to be his mother, i.e. Sirat.

Now, will Kartik call Sirat for saving his son Kairav’s life? Will Kartik sort out the differences and apologize to Sirat for his misbehavior for Kairav’s sake? What will happen in YRKKH next? Only time will tell. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comment section below.

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