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Bloody Hell! The magic of ‘Rangoon’ trailer comes alive in this behind-the-scenes video

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Ever since we have watched the trailer of Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest offering ‘Rangoon’, we just cannot wait for it. A love triangle set in the time of 1940s, an era much talked about, we could not contain our excitement for the same. And the trailer promised just the same. A royal Saif Ali Khan exuding the charm of the regals and elites in that era, the raw animal magnetism of Shahid Kapoor as a bodyguard, and Kangana Ranaut, an actress of the time who looks absolutely ravishing and convincing to the T. She plays Julia so flawlessly that one forgets she is an actress of the millennia and not a black and white star of class.

And now, the makers have released this behind-the-scenes video of the trailer. From Saif’s equally nawabi revelation about his royal role, to Shahid’s awestruck details about his character, to the candid Kangana who was the light of the movie, both on screen and off screen, we get meaty and juicy activities around the film.

Condensed in a crisp two-minute video, trust us you cannot get a better behind-the-scenes peek of a movie as awaited as ‘Rangoon’. Take a look.