Check out: Ranveer Singh with his special ‘FAN’ at TOIFA

Where ever he goes, he does not miss an opportunity to be the biggest entertainer around. Yes, we are talking about the powerhouse of Bollywood Ranveer Singh. His witty antics are a must watch and well, even at the TOIFA ceremony 2016, Ranveer Singh was the center of attraction.

He not only danced on Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra‘s famous song ‘Pinga’, but he also greeted everyone with utmost enthusiasm. We wonder what kept Ranveer so relaxed in the scorching hot weather of Dubai? Here’s the secret.

Ranveer, all clad in a dapper suit, carried a small hand fan with him to help him with the heat of Dubai and he looked so cute! Take a look.