PARI screamer 2: Anushka Sharma promises to give you a spine-chilling experience with this one

Anushka Sharma‘s second home production venture ‘Pari’ is all set to make it to the theatres and going by the first look of it, one can definitely say that it is going to be a different experience all together. The makers have unveiled the second screamer (teaser) which makes us believe that we are in for something extremely different. Sympathy teamed with horror, is what ‘Pari’ is going to be all about.

Lying on a bed and watching cartoon, one feels bad for Anushka Sharma who is hand and ankle cuffed and in pain. But what follows leaves us in shock. We see her nails growing automatically giving us goosebumps. (Also Read: PARI: Anushka Sharma will SPOOK the HELL out of you in 18 seconds. WATCH!)