Ranveer Singh urges fans to live life on their own terms

Bollywood brat Ranveer Singh is back with another commercial for his fans. Ranveer Singh is the most sought after actor for TV commercials after a condom brand, Ranveer even did an ad for Chinese ingredients’ brand and then a car commercial. The actor who has been facing flak for being a part of AIB Roast is now promoting a new brand of jeans.

Ranveer Singh a brand ambassador of a popular jeans brand has featured prominently in all their hoardings and posters too. Now he will be seen in the first advert of the same. It maybe the first time that any big celeb has done a commercial for the e-commerce portal.

Ranveer is seen asking fans to go out and do things they wouldn’t normally do. He asks the audience to go out and give importance to things that would give them personal satisfaction and pleasure. At the end, he asks them to live life on their own terms.

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