“A person who kills innocents is not a Muslim”: Aamir Khan

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan firmly stated that he didn’t believe in taking innocent lives in the name of religion and that Islam condemns such acts of terrorism. In the context of the recent terrorist attack in Paris, he said such acts “worried” him.

“I do think about these things. I don’t think that was an Islamic act. A person holding Quran and killing people, he may be feeling he is doing an Islamic act but as a Muslim I don’t think he is doing an Islamic act,”- the actor stated.

The Islam community is fighting an uphill battle to convey their message against violence as the larger part of people tend to generalize the Islamic teachings as provocations of terror. “I am very clear that a person who is killing innocents is not a Muslim. As far as I am concerned, he is not a Muslim. He may claim to be a Muslim but we should not recognise him like that. He is a terrorist and should be recognised as a terrorist. My problem is not just with the ISIS, it is with that kind of thinking,”- Aamir rightly stated in this context.

He also said that the extreme thinking was indeed something to be worried about.

“Today it is ISIS, tomorrow it could be some other organisation. This extreme thinking is what I worry about because I feel this extreme thinking wherever it comes from is very destructive and negative. So I have a problem with that kind of thinking. So, certainly I have a problem with ISIS and this extreme kind of thinking which may belong to a section of any religion. This is what I have a problem with,”- he said.