Ajay Devgn – Satyagraha Is A Peaceful Way of Revolution

Satyagraha that will be hitting the theaters by August, is a hard hitting story of a common man’s disappointment with the sorry state of affairs and depicts their anger and disappointment with the system. Yesterday the trailer launch of the movie took place globally. Amitabh Bachchan plays the pivotal role of a new age Gandhi, he said “It (Satyagraha) was started in Ireland several years ago. I believe truth always prevails.”

As per sources, Ajay plays a role of a successful entrepreneur, represents shining India,”It (Satyagraha – a Gandhian method of agitation) is a peaceful way of revolution,” Ajay said. While Kareena dons the role of a firebrand TV reporter.” I am sure the film will influence the youth. I had great time doing the film,” Kareena said.

Prakash Jha was clearly defining that the movie has nothing to do with 2011 Anna Hazare Movement.