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Who is called ‘Bhai’ by Salman Khan?

Superstar Salman Khan is called ‘Bhai’ lovingly by not only his friends but also by his fans. But whom does the Dabangg Khan call ‘Bhai’ to? Well let us reveal this to you, that Sallu Bhai calls Nine-year-old Akshat Singh as ‘Bhai’. Akshat Singh a big fan of Salman Khan, had become quite famous when he was called over at the Ellen DeGeneres show . Where he had done Salman Khan’s Dabangg dance.

As per sources, an ecstatic Akshat Singh met the Khan while shooting for ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’. It was an unbelievable surprise to him to see his idol at the same venue as him. He was to shoot for a promo for the show and that he will shoot with Salman Khan was kept a secret from him.

Akshat said, “I just thought of it as another promo shoot. But when I saw Salman entering the studio, I was shocked and couldn’t react for a minute. I rushed to him and gave him a tight hug. I asked him, ‘How are you Salman bhai?’ to which he replied, ‘I am good, Akshat bhai'”.

Akshat further revealed, “We had a blast during the shoot. While walking towards him, I got stuck between a chair and the wall, so Salman said this is why I must lose weight. I replied, ‘Gaadi mein petrol nahi daalenge toh chalegi kaise?’ I will cherish this memory of meeting him forever.”