Dia Mirza pushes for nature conservation awareness

Nature lover, co-founder member of WTI Club Nature and actress Dia Mirza says bringing the narrative of nature into whatever we are doing will effect a difference in educating the society.

“You feel balanced when there is nature. It gives you water and food. If that itself does not exist, imagine what are we going to do. So my idea is to find a way to build the bridge between conservation groups and people in mainstream media,” Dia told IANS.

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) Club Nature is an entity formed by some committed individuals who want to do something for nature conservation.

Dia feels that short films, anthems and advertisements could be a strong medium to spread awareness about nature conservation.

“Filmmaking is the medium that I enjoy and recognise. I know its power. There are a large number of good people in the industry. If they become aware of this, it will also make a big difference. Of course, short films, anthems, advertisements will help spread the awareness,” Dia said, and added that her agenda is to “strategise, plan and execute”.

“Climate change has become such a glaring reality and we are seeing the effects of it in our daily lives. Today’s current topic is water. It’s not a new problem, but we need to stop pointing out to the issues and point out the solution instead,” she added.

Inputs by IANS

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