EXCLUSIVE: Amrita Rao: I gained weight post-delivery; I never looked like that before so it did affect me

Image Source - Instagram

amrita rao has always chosen to make her own path. She recently embraced motherhood for the first time with her husband RJ Anmol. They named their Baby boy Veer. Sharing her journey with us, Amrita Rao said that life has certainly changed, she has to be there for her child all the time. She also opened up on the physical changes she endured during this journey. Amrita Rao revealed that after delivery, she had gained some weight and that did affect her for some time. However, she got back to her fitness routine and was happy to see the results. Amrita Rao also shared that new mommies should treat the body transformation as a phase and not get too much worried about it.

Amrita Rao told Bollywood Bubble, “So, my body did not change much during pregnancy but it changed after delivery. Maybe I was overeating or eating at the wrong time thinking it might help the baby but it didn’t. When I looked at myself in the pictures I realised that I have put on weight, I never looked like that, so it did affect me,” and added that she got back to her routine soon and the stretches helped her.

Amrita Rao also said that it is natural for women to be shocked to see the transformation as it is new and no one is ever prepared for it. “I am not talking as an actress here, I am just talking as a woman who suddenly gets pregnant and her body changes, she will be in shock. That is very natural and at that time, you need to live it as a phase and must know that it is not your life.”

She revealed that even she experienced all the aches and exhaustion that comes with pregnancy. “I have experienced it. I had a lot of backache, knee ache because you are holding the weight of the baby, sitting and feeding the baby for hours. But that changed once I could get back to my fitness routine,” Amrita Rao asserted.

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