EXCLUSIVE: Divya Agarwal OPENS UP on public breakup with ex Priyank Sharma and being friends with him

Divya Agarwal, who recently won Bigg Boss OTT has been in the news for her recent short film The Box. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, she opened up on a lot of things including how she dealt with anxiety and depression post her father’s death, about her lovely partner Varun Sood, her reaction to public break-up with Priyank Sharma on Bigg Boss 11, and being friends with him.

When asked about her national breakup during Bigg Boss 11 and how she handled that, to which she said, “It was a very scary time as nobody was guiding to me, honestly before Spiltsvilla I was just working I was not getting any media attention and I never got such questions. But then splitsvilla mein jo hua it was a fairy tale. And when the media started calling me I thought when someone asks me a question, I should say it right! My friends are away from the industry.

“I used to be honest with the media and was unfiltered and things were amplified on me in a bad manner. I decided there has to be a stop to it. Now, I am a changed person if my partner enters a reality show and does something, then I will pack his bags and keep them outside the home. At that time I had no idea and to stop media calls I had to go inside the house.”

Divya Agarwal went as Priyank’s GF during the family task and added how she wanted to end the controversy, however, it just got escalated. “I had to stop it but then I understood. Today when I talk to Priyank I am like we were such donkeys. We could have cleared the confusion. I was getting new fame and media because Splitsvilla was on the air as well.”

Priyank too always said good things about Divya and supported her when she was shown in the wrong light in the media.

She also talked about being friends with ex Priyank Sharma, “If we are dating and if I love you I cannot expect you to be the same for 20-30 years, there are very few people who would do that. I don’t judge people who stop loving a person one day because you don’t know what has been going through inside their head and even if I am with such a person in my life it will be just a waste of time. Why live in a castle which is not true. It is better we cut it off. It’s life, you meet 1000s of people. And after a point, your search gets over. ”
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