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Not all the actors get their desired movies in a platter. Some have to really strive hard to bag a role let alone a meaty role. They have to work for years before getting work in the industry and it is not easy, as actor Tillotama Shome said she used to work for a year and wait for 3 years to get another work. In the world of competition, it is hard for them to get work and even if you do, the actors are cancelled out because of the producers. Critically acclaimed actors are the ones who often find such kind of hurdles in the Hindi film industry. Speaking of which, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Shefali Shah as well as Tillotama Shome have opened about the challenges they have faced in the film industry before making it big here.


Talking about the same, the Delhi Crime 2 actor said, “When I look at Tilly’s journey, I mean the first thing and the only thing that comes to my mind is a such incredible talent. Why isn’t she getting the kind of due that she always deserves? I think that’s a lot that’s something that a lot of people say about me, so I guess that is common ground.


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True, I feel like when we had this conversation facilitated by Netflix where we got to have a chat with each other and I met her 20 years more than 20 years ago on the set of Monsoon Wedding it was my debut film and I feel like if there’s something in common perhaps it is the time it takes for us to come to our own in for those of us who transitioned from a world of film to digital. It kind of makes me feel like our foundations have seen the test of time so we can get knocked around people may like us today not like us tomorrow but I mean that’s what inspires me to be in a room with her or when I think about her is being a marathon runner. It’s not a short sprint and when I see someone who can run a marathon, give the beta on to someone else I mean as an actor being so secure and because I think insecurity might create brilliance once or twice but soon it starts grating on other people and it’s a film and this work that we do is a very collaborative effort. So, when ego becomes too big it kind of eats up everything else so working with someone as secure as her, someone who can you know is okay,” Tillotama added.

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