EXCLUSIVE: Vandana Sajnani Khattar on facing trolls for becoming mom at 44: People call me & Rajesh ‘Dada, Dadi’

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Vandana Sajnani Khattar, the wife of Rajesh Khattar, has gone through the toughest of phases in her personal life. From miscarriages to surrogacy failures, Vandana Sajnani Khattar has endured a lot of pain when it comes to motherhood. But, after so much pain, she along with Rajesh welcomed their son Yuvaan, after 11 years of marriage. The couple embraced parenthood in their late 40s and thus became a target of trolls. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vandana Sajnani Khattar opened up on facing trolls, and how she dealt with it.

The actress shared how people on social media judged the couple for becoming parents so late. “I started seeing a lot of troll messages. People writing, ‘Bohot chul hai. Dada, Dadi Bache ke saath ghum rahe hain. Umar toh dekhi hai kya, Dadaji bache ko lekar ghum rahe.’ People compare Ishaan and Yuvaan, but their age bracket is so different, they write such nasty comments,” she shared.

“I laugh it off, but I’m going to talk about it someday. It is very important to convey to the people that age really does not matter. If they see Rajesh holding the Baby, they say, ‘Dadaji aa gaye bache ko leke.’ It is so nasty. Of course, Rajesh and I have a 10-year age difference, but that doesn’t mean people should write such comments,” Vandana continued.

She also cited examples of Bollywood celebrity couples who are in a similar situation like Rajesh and her. “In a similar situation, there is Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapor, who has a great bond with Sara and Ibrahim. So, it’s possible, and today they have such two cute babies. It happens, so what? As Vandana it does not matter at all,” she told us.

Ask her how she coped up with trolls, Vandana shared, “I never took it to heart. I did have my bouts of helplessness, I did not know what to do. But, I told myself that it is your fault, not theirs, as they will keep talking. You should get up and do something, you are fat now, and you’re not the same. So, I would take it as an inspiration to myself. I tell myself, ‘Let them say, they’re going to say anyway. You might not that waistline life before, but it’s fine. How many of you can go through what you did?”

Rajesh Vandana tied the knot with Vandana Sajnani in 2008. Their first child, a boy, Yuvaan Khattar, was born in August 2019 after 11 years of marriage.

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