Here’s how Arjun Rampal prepared for the role of Arun Gawli in ‘Daddy’

We have seen the teasers for Arjun Rampal’s upcoming movie ‘Daddy’ which is based on the life of gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli, and trust us, Arjun looks convincing and just amazing in the titular role. In fact, Arjun has adapted so well to the body language and accent of Arun, that the resemblance is uncanny. However, did you know the efforts that went behind achieving that perfect diction and look?

Arjun not only lost a whopping 9 kgs for his role, but also strived hard to be convincing as Gawli, who is 5’3’’, whereas Arjun is taller in real life.

On being probed further, Arjun said, “We wanted to get the physicalities right to the T. Gawli is shorter than me. We have done a few things to make me look small.”

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After seeing Arjun in the teaser, we just cannot wait for the full length trailer, and subsequently the movie, given Arjun is really amazing as Arun Gawli. The movie, co-produced Arjun himself, is due to release sometime in 2017.