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Himesh Reshammiya clarifies on car accident; says, “Not me, it was my dad’s driver”

Image Source - Instagram

Himesh Reshammiya has been in the news ever since reports of him having met with an accident on the Mumbai-Pune expressway hit social media. However, we can now confirm that the reports are untrue. Yes, there was an accident, but Himesh isn’t the one who was hurt.

In a press statement released by Himesh Reshammiya’s team, he says, “I’m absolutely fine, the news that I met with an accident is absolutely wrong.

So who was exactly in that car? Reports said that Himesh’s driver Ram Ranjan who hails from Bihar has suffered some serious injuries and is critical after the accident. However, clarifying the news about that, Himesh said, “I was not in the car, and the driver is absolutely fine. His foot got injured and he is in hospital. He will be back soon. He was hit by some car when he came outside his car to go to the washroom. His car was also hit from the back by the other car but he is not my driver, he is my dad’s driver. I’m absolutely fine. The news that I met with an accident is absolutely wrong.

Well, all’s well that ends well. We are so happy to hear that Himesh is hale and hearty. At the same time, we are also happy that he took Time Out from his busy schedule to clarify the false reports.

All prayers are with the family and loved ones of the driver. Let’s hope he recovers soon and is back on duty as soon as possible.

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