Sajid Khan

Filmmaker Sajid Khan’s leading men of his upcoming movie ‘Humshakal’s’ had shot for a song sequence in Drag. But they were truly annoyed with Sajid when asked to reshoot it. The reason for their annoyance was that they had to dress up once again in drag.

After spending hours in hair and makeup to morph into their female alter egos, not to mention the tedious hair removal process, Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh and Ram Kapoor, had to do it all over again.


As per sources, Sajid was very unhappy with the final cut because of the botched special effects used to create doubles of the actors, whose drag versions are being romanced by their male selves “Sajid was shocked when he saw the final cut of the song. The special effects had spoilt it.

Naturally, he couldn’t go back to Mauritius all over again as that would escalate the budget manyfold. So he called up his three heroes to discuss the problem.” Sources further added, “The boys had to transform into girls and then back every time the shot changed.

The hot weather in Mumbai too took a toll as they had to shoot under the hot sun. Luckily, Sajid had stock footage of Mauritius that could be used for the backdrop or else he’d have had to fly back. So all he needed to do was shoot Saif, Ritesh and Ram.”

Well hope this time around Sajid got it right or the temperatures might fly high .