Jiah Khan case – Should Suraj Pancholi go to jail ?

Jiah Khan’s six page suicide has revealed her tumultuous relation with boyfriend Suraj Pancholi, all the skeletons have tumbled out as to how he raped, tortured ,abused her and even made her undergo abortion,based on these revelations will Suraj Pancholi be arrested. The Mumbai Police are confirming whether this note has truly been written by Jiah.

According to sources, the rape charges cannot be confirmed, as Jiah is already buried. The Prevention of Torture Bill, 2008, claims that torturing anybody on the ground of his race, religion, place of birth, residence, language, caste and community would be a punishable offence. But  Jiah’s  Mother, Rabiya Khan has desisted from taking any action against Suraj ,feeling that it will not make any difference.

So what will be the action taken by Mumbai Police, Suraj deserves to be punished .