Katrina Kaif Ditched By Beau Ranbir Kapoor?

Katrina Kaif is breathing fire and brimstone on her alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor , for ditching her at Arjun Kapoor‘s birthday bash in favour of his friends.

The two had attended the party together but Katrina wanted to leave early to spend quality time with her beau, RK Jr apparently put his foot down as he wanted to spend time with his friends. This raised Katrina’s ire.

As per sources, “Ranbir was meeting his friends after a really long time. The actor is also good buddies with Arjun as they have known each other for long. Kat and Ranbir were spotted arguing, post which she left the spot.” Looks like a lovers tiff for it was Arjun who went to see her off rather than Ranbir.

We know by now Ranbir must have already made peace with his Alleged girlfriend.