EXCLUSIVE: Kriti Sanon on sexism & pay disparity: My male friends sometimes feel ‘itna kya problem hai?’

Kriti Sanon is basking in the glory of her latest release Mimi. The movie started streaming on Netflix yesterday, and the actress was widely applauded for her performance. Mimi is what they call a female-centric film these days, and in an exclusive chat with us, Kriti opened up about how a female actress has to do a female-centric movie these days to prove the amount of audience they can pull in. Kriti Sanon also opened up about the pay disparity in the film industry in relation to the recent uproar on social media that emerged after it was said that Kareena Kapoor had demanded a whopping amount for her role as Sita.

Kriti told Bollywood Bubble, “I kind of feel that as much as it is unfair, the difference is not the problem, the difference is a lot and that’s the problem. But, having said that I do believe that your remuneration should be proportional to the amount of audience that you are able to pull into the theatre by yourself. My point is that a man doesn’t have to do it by doing a male-centric film, but sometimes a female has to prove it by doing a female-centric film and say that this is the audience that she has pulled in. So that little difference is always there. It doesn’t matter how many films you’ve done, it doesn’t matter what your role is in the film, how much of an audience you have as an actor should decide your remuneration.”

Kriti further added, “But sometimes my male friends and fans feel that if a Tiger Shroff can pull so many audiences then, of course, his remuneration should be more. But the problem is ki humari sosciety itni zyada patriarchal hai ki woh level is too much.” The Mimi actress believes that we will have to give more love to the female side to create the balance; a little more than the necessary and fair amount of love. But the actress believes that the change is coming about because the conversation is coming about. Kriti said that if a male and female actor star in a film, but it is always labelled as the male actor’s film. But the actress feels that the change is coming about and it should.

Check out the full conversation below:

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